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USA Girl Scouts - Kuwait

Cadette/Senior Troop 26
Thinking Day Postcard Exchange 2000

We sent a few of the same cards in other years but some different ones as well. If you want to see a few sights around Kuwait and some traditional handicrafts, weaving, etc. check out our postcards from other years -
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Postcards we sent:

My personal favorite. We actually do see camels here every day. There are bedouin camel and sheep herders in the desert outside the city.

Traditional weaving, leatherwork and other Middle Eastern crafts available at the "Friday Market" here in Kuwait.

Strong Arabic coffee is served from traditional coffee pots to guests in Kuwaiti homes. The basket and weaving are also typical in this area.

More camels, this time young camels in the back of a pickup truck, on their way to market to be sold.

The interesting architectural landmark that identifies Kuwait. There are 3 towers with the "balls" partway up. One is a water tank, one is a restaurant, and one is an oberservation deck.

An Arabic woman wearing an abaya and black veil. Lovely eyes, don't you think? It certainly shows that covering up doesn't necessarily hide one's beauty.

Traditional bedouin weaving is still done in Kuwait. This is a fixed loom, but many bedouins wove on a loom they could easily dismantle and take with them when moving their camps.

Pearling dhows (boats - the "h" is virtually silent) are seldom used in the Persian Gulf by Kuwaitis today; most dhows are in museums.

Women frequent beauty parlors in Kuwait to have henna tatoos done on their hands.

Baskets woven in the Middle East are also for sale at Kuwait's Friday market.

Another easily recognized architectural feature in Kuwait are these water towers.

Camel racing is popular in the winter.

There are many beautiful mosques in Kuwait.

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