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USA Girl Scouts - Kuwait

Cadette/Senior Troop 26
Thinking Day Postcard Exchange 2001

Here are the postcards we received from various troops outside the USA in 2001. If you want to see the ones we received in other years you can go to -
Postcards we received in 2002
Postcards we received in 2003

Overseas Postcards we received this year. You can click on the small postcard to see a bigger version:

Australia Canada - British Columbia Canada - Nova Scotia Canada - Ontario Canada - Ontario
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China Columbia Cuba Denmark U.K. - England
USAGSO - Guangzhou Guias USAGSO - Guantanamo Bay 1st Helsingoer Gruppe 2nd Gatley Guides

France Germany Greece Iceland Japan
USAGSO - Paris USAGSO - Munich USAGSO - Thessaloniki USAGSO - Keflavik USAGSO - Okinawa

Malaysia Panama Qatar UK - Scotland Singapore
8th Coy Guides USAGSO - Panama USAGSO - Doha USAGSO - Aberdeen Guides

South Africa Venezuela
3rd Westville Central Brownies

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