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USA Girl Scouts - Kuwait

Cadette/Senior Troop 26
Thinking Day Postcard Exchange 2002

Here are the postcards we received from various troops in the USA this year. If you want to see the ones we received in other years you can go to -
Postcards we received in 2003
Postcards we received in 2001

USA Postcards we received this year. You can click on the small postcard to see a bigger version:

Alabama Alaska Arizona California Colorado
Cad Troop 114 Jr/Cad Troop 75 Cad Troop 987 Sr Troop 491 Troop 916

Connecticut Washington D.C. Delaware Florida Florida
Cad Troop 4004 Cad Troop 601 Cad Troop 1204 Cad Troop 945 Jr. Troop

Florida Georgia Hawaii Iowa Idaho
Sr. Troop 446 Troop 401 Sr. Troop 358 Cad Troop 83 Cad Troop 371

    Illinois   Indiana   Kansas   Kentucky   Louisiana
    Jr/Cad Troop 562   Cad Troop 21   Cad Troop 428   Br. Troop 104   Sr. Troop 39

Massachusetts     Maryland     Maine Michigan Minnesota
Cad/Sr Troop 1288     Cad Troop 1968     Cad Troop 745 Jr. Troop 255 Troop ?

Missouri Mississippi Montana North Carolina North Dakota
Sr. Troop 708 Cad Troop 469 Cad Troop 280 Cad Troop 1078 Jr. Troop 351

Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Jersey New Mexico
Cad Troop 372 Cad/Sr Troop 6312 Sr. Troop 258 Troop 694 Br. Troop 55

New York New York Ohio Oklahoma Oregon
Cad/Sr Troop 2200 Cad/Sr Troop C/S Troops 553,2460 Sr. Troop 423 Sr. Troop 173

Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island South Carolina South Dakota
Cad Troop 419 C/S Troops 1116,410 Cad Troop 1026 Troop 283 Br. Troop

Tennessee Texas Utah Utah Virginia
Sr. Troop 198 Br. Troop 1399 Cad/Sr. Troop 1204 Cad/Sr. Troop 200

Vermont Washington Wisconsin West Virginia Wyoming
Jr. Troop 2181 Sr. Troop 1289 Cad Troop 397 Cad/Sr. Troop 455 Br./Jr. Troop 745

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